I Blog…

Oh I nearly forgot! With WordPress powering something like 78% of the internet these days (I read a few weeks ago) it’s quite important for those of us earning online to use and understand the platform.

So sometime in the not too distant future I, Paul Kinder, do solemnly swear that I am going to create a fresh blog, completely from scratch, totally on my own, with no help from Tim Rash, Jamison Raymond, Robby Pickert, Brian Rickert, Troy Wray or any other techy member of our KRM team or anybody else.

I just have this urge to prove that even an idiot can build a blog!

Then I’m gonna show you how, and if I can do it, so can you!

And as I discover more and more about WordPress World I’ll share with you whatever I learn…


I Think…


Warning… This category may make my head explode!

This where I’ll come up with the most profound and in depth analysis of the Traffic Exchange Industry that you will ever read.

Um, maybe not! LOL

Whatever I think and write about here I guarantee just two things:

1. I’ll try my best to make it fun for ya!

2. I’ll try my best to make it helpful for your TE business.




I Got News…

As the British TV show says….

Have I got News For You!

This category is gonna be used for…. did ya guess yet? …..  News!

Mostly this will be news about our own programs I think, we shall see… nobody knows yet, even me…