Is There Such Thing As Guaranteed Website Traffic?

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Previously we discussed purchasing traffic and where to do so. But is there such a thing as guaranteed website traffic?

Short answer is yes.

Long answer is yes as well but there is some things you need to check for first.

The most important is what is the source of that traffic.  There are unscrupulous people out there that will sell you hits to your site.  THen  turn on a script that emulates visitors to your site.

Your hit counter will go up but thats about it no one actually sees your site.

I dont know about you but when I think of guaranteed website traffic, I think of actuall visitors to my site.

So be sure you know where the website traffic is actually coming from.

For example in traffic exchanges you know the visitors are coming from other members looking at pages.

In safelists it comes from people clicking the ads in their inbox.

or in the case of PPC  the guaranteed website traffic is coming from people clicking on the ads.

So yes there is such a thing, but as with anything do your research and make sure you know what the actual source of your guaranteed traffic is.

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