So whats next?

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Ok so in the last post we discussed seeking out the leaders in your niche.

Now that you know who those leaders are whats next?

Well now it is time to make like a sponge and soak up everything you can. Do they blog? great subscribe to it. A newsletter? well then subscribe to that too.

What about face book or twitter? If they are there ( and chaces are they are) then followthem there as well. Now I’m not advocating stalkerism but you want to learn everything that you can from them they didn’t become recognized as one of the leaders in your niche by accident.

See what kinfd of information they are sharing, do they have a product of their own to sell? Then buy it, if they offer coaching then go for that too, you want to know what they know.

If you know everything the expert knows arent you now an expert?  Well almost take action on what you learn put it into practice and make adjustments for you, take everything you can learn and make it yours, see what you can improve on , add to it or even take away from it.

If they have a ten step process can you make it happen in five?

They have already done all the hard work of learning by failing, why waste your time failing when you can spend your time on improving whats already known.

So the step three of seven? Is learn everything you can from the leaders in your niche. See what they are sharing with others and then you are ready to…

oh that will be in the next post

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