Don’t Be a Snob

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In the last post I talked about getting to know and aligning yourself with the leaders in your chosen niche.

The biggest mistake you can make when doing this though is dismissing the rest of those within the niche in the process.

These people are the niche they are the ones that follow the leaders, purchase the products come up with the next big ideas and so on.

This is why step four is to network with others within the niche. Don’t be a snob and decide you are only going to align yourself with the top names

get to know others in the niche everyone starts somewhere just like you are getting started and you never know who else shares your ideas and images you could find the perfect business partner, contacts for the future and just all around great people.

Remember with out all the other people the niche wouldn’t even exist – so get out there network with others no matter what their “status” is the more you do this the easier the next step is going to be which is…..

coming soon.

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