An Old quote That Still Aplies

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Over the past few post we have been talking about the steps to be successfull.

You have found your niche learned what you can from the leaders of that niche and befreinded others.

Now an old quote from Ruth Stafford Peale comes into play.  ” Find a need and fill it”

If you are listeneing to those around you in the forums or on social media sitesd or wherever others are taalking about your niche you probably already have hear of plenty of needs.

Think of what you need. What would make your life easier? what is something that others are strugling with?

Dont go out of your way and try to invent something you think people will like, listen to them and answer with a solution.

Maybe there is already a solution out there but it is out of reach for most others, or it is missing some key ellements.

See if you can make it for cheaper or see if you can do it better. If there are already people actively looking for a solution then the hard part is done all you have to do is find a way that you can satisfy that need and fill it.

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