I Think…


Warning… This category may make my head explode!

This where I’ll come up with the most profound and in depth analysis of the Traffic Exchange Industry that you will ever read.

Um, maybe not! LOL

Whatever I think and write about here I guarantee just two things:

1. I’ll try my best to make it fun for ya!

2. I’ll try my best to make it helpful for your TE business.




Paul Kinder

So I'm a TE Guy who started back in 2006 and got well known mainly because I gave the members more than they'd ever had before and did it with a smile! A few years on and we still give a lot and smile a lot and our business is kinda big expanding outside TE's. TE World is still, and I think always will be, my main passion. I LOVE these progs and the people who use them! I hope you enjoy my blog and I really hope it helps. Happy Splashing!